Tess Dunn is T3TRA, whose dark, soul-baring statements are as candid and relatable to millennials as her hooks are sharp and memorable for all listeners. Her expressive voice has a bubblegum quality that belies the bitterness of her message. Targeting miserable relationships, Dunn often places herself squarely in the crosshairs.” - Music Connection

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If you’ve been around the Santa Cruz music scene for the past decade, you might think that you know Tess Dunn, that since you’ve seen her perform once or twice, you get what she’s all about. Well, that was the old (or, perhaps more accurately, the young) model. These days, there’s a new Tess Dunn around.” - Wallace Baine

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T3TRA’s debut EP, Polarity, provides a rich and dynamic sound that moves beyond electro/synthpop thanks to deep sonic undercurrents and brutally honest lyrics. As T3TRA notes, “Sex, pills, cheap thrills: I write songs about the things nobody and everybody likes to talk about.” With driving beats, hints of retro synth and T3TRA’s signature raspy vocals, Polarity provides a strong dose of danceable angst.” - Jordan Mohler

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Tess Dunn, a Sound Arts student at Ex’pression College’s San Jose campus, will be completing a two-month performance residency at Streetlight Records in San Jose on Saturday, February 21. Dunn is the first music artist to be invited by Streetlight for such an engagement, which featured performances by Dunn of music from “Daydreamers,” her critically acclaimed 2014 EP release (available on CD Baby, iTunes, and Amazon). (See More)


At 20 years old, Tess Dunn has already got three alt-rock albums under her belt, is taking a full class load, and continues to fight a lifelong battle with cystic fibrosis (CF), diabetes, and epilepsy. She’s so damn admirable that I found myself hoping she had some deep, dark secret to unearth. No dice. Calling me from the parking lot of the Stanford Medical Center, Dunn quickly broke down all conventional interview barriers and showed that she is, indeed, the inspiring, no-nonsense go-getter so many past articles about her have glowingly heralded. But what isn’t often explored are the many layers of the person who has become a champion for her diseases. Guess what, she also gets lazy and doesn’t get out of her car when it’s too cold outside (hurrah!). And despite her incredibly positive attitude, of course the illnesses do weigh on her sometimes. “Sometimes it does get tiring,” says Dunn, who recently released her latest EP and is slated to play an in-store performance at Streetlight Records in San Jose this Saturday. “It is a lot to handle, having these three illnesses, but my only options are to either sit around and wonder ‘why me?’ and throw pity-parties—or I can use this to empower me and push me to do great things.” Dunn is so full of fight that it’s impossible to not get swept up in her energy. It takes tenacity (See more)” - Anne-Marie Harrison

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Tess Dunn, a five year veteran of the west coast side of the Vans Warped Tour recently recorded her third EP titled, Daydreamers. Daydreamers is scheduled to be released on June 21st and happened to be crowd-funded through Indiegogo and reached a total of 101% which is certainly impressive. Dunn’s latest release is surely something else, the EP contains four emotional and fun tracks that will grasp onto fans and new listeners instantly. Daydreamers is certainly for the daydreaming. So, with all of the above being said; does Tess Dunn’s latest release manage to hold a candle up to itself? Or, is Daydreamers just a time frame release that will see many forgetting about its existence after its initial release? You can find out the answer to both of these questions in my full review of Tess Dunn’s latest EP, Daydreamers below: 1. Daydreamers Tess Dunn brings the heat with the EP’s title track, “Daydreamers” as it’s a song filled with passion, emotion, and whimsical instrumentals that will have listeners moving about and singing along. Dunn showcases her exceptional vocal techniques as she powers through the track, which is also a life saver when compared to the usual songs that tend to come out of the pop-rock genre. “Daydreamers” is a track I had on repeat for over a week, and I’m quite jealous of the NorCal Warped Tour concertgoers that get to experience the truthful track live. Listeners can expect a lot when going into this song, and one of those expectations certainly won’t be disappointment. 2. Say You Fell “Say You Fell” is possibly the best track to be included on ‘Daydreamers.’ The track is a bit devious and evil, but at the same time cute and just a fun track to spin when you feel that hurting spree coming along. I know I would hate to be on the other end of this track, and with that feeling Dunn has created a pretty relatable song, one that will have many clinging onto it during their first listen.  Read More... ” - Brandon Flores

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There's so much to love about 19 year-old Tess Dunn. Not even twenty, this Santa Cruz native not only is set to release her third EP, she's also about to perform at Vans Warped Tour for the sixth year.  She's basically doing what most of us only daydream of doing.  As a singer-songwriter, she first caught our attention with her delicate and personal songs set to piano four years ago.  Since then, she's matured as a writer, transitioning from bubblegum pop to alternative rock.  Her newest, "Daydreamers" is off her upcoming EP of the same name.  With revving guitars and pounding beats, Dunn goes from power ballad to anthem-rock choruses that sounds like it's ready-made for any arena show and echoes the infectious sounds of another rock/alternative band - Paramore!”


When Good Times last checked in with Tess Dunn in 2012, the local teenage pop-punk rocker already had an impressive resume. At just 17, she had played the Warped Tour for three consecutive summers and had just released her second EP,Honesty Box, produced by Noah Shain (Skrillex, Atreyu). Since then, Dunn has played two more Warped festivals, and this summer, during her sixth stint on the tour, she plans to release her third EP, Daydreamers, which she aims to finance largely through the crowd-sourcing website Indiegogo. This time around, the now 19-year-old Dunn is again working with Shain, but is taking a co-producing role. “I think my writing on this album has really matured,” she says, explaining that she learned a lot from her production partner during the Honesty Box sessions. She recalls Shain giving her suggestions for melody choices, different ways of wording her lyrics, and writing a pop arrangement. That advice stuck. “My writing has definitely grown through that,” she says. Her Warped Tour schedule has also grown. In the past, she has played only the San Francisco Bay Area stop, but this year, Dunn will play in Portland and Seattle, “which is really exciting,” she says. As many of her fans are aware, Dunn suffers from cystic fibrosis, epilepsy and diabetes. A portion of the proceeds from her Indiegogo campaign will support Cystic Fibrosis Research, Inc., and the Epilepsy Foundation. The rest will support her life goals of signing to a label and touring the world. She plans to shop Daydreamers around in the hopes of landing a record contract. And, in a way, the money will also help with her health issues.  Songwriting helps her deal with emotional stress and singing helps combat lung damage caused by cystic fibrosis. “It’s an amazing outlet for me,” she says.” - Nick Veronin

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ARTIST OF THE MONTH: TESS DUNN If Hayley Williams and Avril Lavigne were to spontaneously have a lovechild, Tess Dunn would definitely be the outcome. From Santa Cruz, Tess has managed to make quite a bit of noise in her area. She’s played the San Fransicco date of the Vans Warped Tour for 4 years, released 2 albums, and was named one of the top Bay Area performers. This chick is seriously a breath of fresh air. Not only is she a female artist, but she reminds us a lot of both Avril Lavigne and Blink 182. With poppy dark lyrics like Avril, and a pop twist on a garage punk sounds like Blink, Tess Dunn is definitely an artist that should inhabit everyone’s iPod. ”

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It was her wish being fulfilled when Santa Cruz singer/songwriter Tess Dunn, just 14, recorded her first album “Darling Just Walk” in February 2009. When she was granted a wish through the Make-A-Wish Foundation, a nonprofit organization that grants wishes to children with life-threatening health conditions, Dunn knew what her heart desired. “My wish was to go to Los Angeles and record my CD with my musical mentors,” she said. “I recorded six songs there. That was the beginning of my being a musician and a performer. I was so happy. The top wishes are usually Disneyland and shopping sprees. They had never done this one before.” Read More...” - Jan Austin

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TESS DUNN HEADLINES CYSTIC FIBROSIS BENEFIT: Santa Cruz's Reigning Pop Princess Takes the Stage at Moe's Alley Aug. 12 It’s 12:30pm, and Tess Dunn, having just woken up, is sitting on a café patio and carefully cradling a carrot cupcake, her first meal of the day. Dunn, who was in January named the 11th-best Bay Area artist by 99.7 NOW FM, is eagerly preparing for life’s next journey: to California State University–Monterey Bay, in two weeks. Dunn says she’s “so excited” for life in college, where she’ll major in human communication—a field that includes creative writing, one of her first passions. Read More...” - Jacob Pierce

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