Tess Dunn

This rocking alternative pop EP showcases Dunn's vocal range, songwriting prowess, and girl power attitude, confirming that Dunn may truly be the love child of Hayley Williams and Mark Hoppus.

Daydreamers is the third EP of original music released by raspy-voiced singer-songwriter Tess Dunn. Recorded at the legendary Jackpot! Recording Studio in Portland, Oregon, by engineer Sean Flora (The Shins, Black Keys), Daydreamers offers listeners a sample of Tess’ songwriting and musical prowess. Backed by award-winning singer-songwriter Ari Shine, Tess takes listeners on a musical ride. The title song, “Daydreamers,” has been called “Tess Dunn’s ‘Bohemian Rhapsody,’” so wonderfully catchy and upbeat that you will find yourself humming it for hours. “Stay” is a true rock anthem – driving, angry and a perfect showcase for Dunn’s girl power attitude and vocal range. “Say You Fell” will resonate with anyone who has ever been backstabbed by someone thought to be a friend, while “Steady” is achingly beautiful, deep and rich. Put together, Daydreamers provides a satisfying taste of what will likely be part of a full-length album.

Who is Tess Dunn? At 19 years old, Tess is already a six-year veteran of Vans Warped Tour West Coast dates, who was named a top Bay Area performer by a leading SF radio station. A pianist and keytarist with a unique voice, Tess was said by one reviewer to write songs that “hit with the energy of Blink 182 and the emotional intensity of a Fiona Apple ballad.” In addition to her songwriting skills, Tess plays the keyboards and keytar, and has a powerful vocal range that goes from raspy lows to crystal clear highs, causing one reviewer to gush, "If Hayley Williams and Avril Lavigne were to spontaneously have a lovechild, Tess Dunn would definitely be the outcome." Tess’ music has also been placed in an indie film and two compilation albums. Dubbed “the young and the fearless” due to her fierce battle with cystic fibrosis, Tess has participated in national film productions to raise awareness, including Vans Off The Wall’s "Pass The Bucket" series. A force to be reckoned with, Tess takes girl power to a whole new level.

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