1. Fire

From the recording Fire


You sing words of loveYou walk with a skip in your stepYou act like you're the queen of townOnly seventeenYou've got the world at your fingertipsYou think you've buried the bad deep downYou can't take the time to say helloYou act like you don't know meBut sweetie, I thought you'd know betterNo one likes a cheater
Honey, I know your darkest secretNow the whole world is gonna learn andYou can try and bury it deepBut the secret is no longer yours 
You write words of wisdomYou talk with a perk in your voiceYou walk around like you're the firstHoney, I've been here longerI know this better than you ever willBut I applaud your effort
You can't pick my face out of a crowdWhen I was the one who made youAnd sweetie, I thought you'd know betterWhat you keep inside can kill you
Chorus x2
And this is the best thing your eyes will ever seeIt could disappear in a momentSo take a snapshot for memory's sakeAnd pray to god it isn't stolenYou think that this is all a game, don't you?You swallow it down like a candied pillBut if you're gonna make it, you have to be honestAnd if you don't speak now, then I willSo I willChorusHey, don't you know, I've got you figured out?Hye, don't you know, I know what you're about? No one likes a cheater, and no one likes a liarYou've already set your world on fire.