1. Let It Go

From the recording Let It Go


I don’t recognize you in the least anymoreThe silhouettes of your face fill the empty spaceYou’re gone in the darkest hoursLosing yourself to selfish thingsI don’t know who you’ve become or why
But maybe you’ll see how it hurts meAnd maybe you’ll see that it’s not all it’s made out to beAnd maybe you’ll learn that I am rightMaybe someday, I won’t be in your life 
I’ll stay though you’re a stranger nowI’ll pull through even when it’s hardNever one to leave when I’m neededYour eyes stare right into mineThey see through all the painDo you not listen when you hear what I say?
You say to let it goI’ll try to let it goBut I can’t let this goNo
Maybe you’ll learn that I am right[Maybe someday, maybe someday]Maybe someday, I won’t be in your life...