1. Goodbye Hero

From the recording Goodbye Hero


Just you and meBut I’m a page aheadYou’d say I’m behindYou always contradicted statementsJust me and youBut you’re not listeningYou need to hear me outI won’t always be around

And you shone like the stars‘Til it was dayThen you’d justSorta fade awayYou were like a hero‘Til it was nightYou fell asleepThat’s when I saw hero die

Now you hate meDon’t know why you doWell I’m sorry heroI’m over it now why aren’t you?Now I’ve lost youGuess you threw out my noteThat apologizedFor when nothing was fine


HeroCan you hear me?I’m calling outHeroCan I save you?I see you falling out


You shone brighter than the stars‘Til it turned to dayThen you would slowly, you’d fade awayYou were my hero‘Til it became nightYou fell asleepI saw you die

I saw hero die tonightI saw the light leave his eyesI saw hero dieIt wasn’t a pretty sightX2

I kissed hero goodbyeKnowing it would be the last time