1. Scar Tissue

From the recording Scar Tissue


Why wear your favorite dressIf you’re not there to impress?Why should I even go at all?Why shoot me down again?If it’s already endedWhat’s the point of wishing?
And no it won’t be fineIf I can’t call you mineIt’ll never be okayIf you stand to walk awayWell I should feel ashamedYou put my love to wasteAnd if there’s more to sayTell me, don’t walk away
I don’t want you to lieIs forgetting me fine?Could you say my name right now?These scars are here to showThe ways you let me knowThat you’ll never feel the same
If you’re happyI am happyDon’t forget to remember meIf you cryI will cryDon’t think that I still don’t careThis is onlyA recordingA simple little thingBut let me knowIf you’re thereListeningX2
Well I should feel ashamedWell you should feel ashamedWell we should feel ashamedIt was all just a wasteAnd you were just a wasteAnd it put my love to waste‘Cause it was all just a waste