From the recording S?nny Walks Away


S?nny walks alongAnd the silver moon is filled to the brimYou were holding my handI can’t say I remember much after thatYou left before goodbyeMaybe if I hadn’t saidMaybe if I hadn’t done thatYou’d still be here with meBut you left me laying hereWith my fearsAlone in this empty bed
S?nny walksS?nny walksS?nny walks away x2
It was an accidentI didn’t mean to say you could leaveBut you took my invitationAnywayYou left me standingLeft the door swinging on its hingesAs if to leave a memory of tonight
ChorusPlease tell mePlease tell mePlease tell me you’ll stayPlease don’t walkPlease don’t walkPlease don’t walk away
How’s the weather over there?Is it clear?It’s not the same without youLet me start from right thereDo you never go a nightWithout thinking of me?That’s how it is on my sideAnd it’s tearing me apart
S?nny walksS?nny walksS?nny walks awayPlease tell mePlease tell mePlease tell me you’ll stay, ‘causeIt’ll neverIt’ll neverNever be okayIf you walkIf you walkIf you walk awayPlease don’t let mePlease don’t let mePlease don’t let me sayYou can walkYou can walkYou can walk away
Please won’t youPlease won’t youPlease won’t you stay?